Custom design

You've seen the many solutions we provide here at Pinnacle Water Tanks whether it be commercial, industrial or general purpose use, however did you expect to see a custom water tank home? In addition to all of the professional applications our tanks provide, we also have installed tanks that have been used in residential applications, custom situations and our tanks are often used to draw customers into businesses, as they are very eye catching to customers who are driving by.

Not only is the tank home very unique, it is also an affordable and sustainable option for a dwelling. Many homes have been built throughout the years with dome or round shapes to better combat the elements such as high winds and heavy snows. This home is just one example of the many custom applications we can design and built to suit. Signage, novelty use, dwellings, storage - if you can dream it we can make it happen at Pinnacle Water Tanks

Custom options and uses

  • Many color options
  • Cedar wrap
  • Vinyl wrap
  • Powdercoated
  • Homes
  • Shelters
  • Pump houses
  • Showers
  • Storage rooms
  • And much more!