Frequently Asked Questions

All that is required to validate the 20 year warranty is a clean, level sand pad. Sand pads MUST be at least 6 feet larger than tank diameter, MUST have at least 6 inches of clean, debris free sand (No rocks, sticks, glass, etc. that may damage the liner) and MUST be extremely level in all areas. Please use transit to level pad. Upon completion of tank installation, you MUST add a ring of rock around the outside of the tank walls. This barrier of rock should be Quarter size or larger and MUST be at least 18" from tank wall out and 4" up on tank wall. This is to provide your sand pad with protection from rainfall runoff from the tank roof, so that it doesn't wash out the sand around your tank during a heavy rain.
Yes. You can have a concrete pad poured for the tank. The concrete pad MUST be at least 3 feet larger than the tank diameter. Please contact us and we can send you our concrete pad spec sheet for the size tank you are purchasing.
No. Our trained Pinnacle installation crew will provide anchors for your tank during the tank installation process, at no extra cost to you! (Some companies charge extra for concrete anchor brackets)
Yes. It is important to have a load of water (usually about 2500 gallons) put into the tank soon after our installation, so that we can make sure all fittings and penetrations are secure and watertight. Our Pinnacle installation crew has installed over 1,000 tanks with no problems, but we always want to make sure before there is a big rainfall event. This way we don't have to drain the tank completely to make corrections and we definitely don't want you to lose all of the precious rainwater in order to repair the lower fittings! So it is a good idea to get a load of water into tank within a few days of the tank installation.
Either roof option will capture the same amount of rainwater, because the rainwater will be collected from your home, barn, shed, etc. roof areas and into the Pinnacle water storage tank.
No. The 30 degree roof and Dome roof package have no effect on the amount of water in the Pinnacle water storage tank, as both tanks are identical in tank diameter and eave ht. The water level in a full tank doesn't reach the roof, as to protect the roof from damage caused by an overfilled tank.
It depends on the size of the tank of course, but our trained Pinnacle installation crew can install our 31,078 gallon tank in about 4 hours !
No. We require a completed "jobsite detail sheet" upon tank order. This Jobsite Detail Sheet is very important to us because it gives us detailed driving directions to your jobsite, and it gives us a diagram of where you want your tank fittings located on the tank itself. This allows us to install your tank, whether you are on jobsite or not, but we always welcome you to be there so we can answer any questions that you may have and we love to meet our customers!
If there is a problem with your tank, please call us as we want to make sure you are provided the best service in our industry. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and our track record proves it...we could not be in business for 15 years without outstanding customer satisfaction.